Resources for Social Media Optimization

These are some of my favorite tools for generating open graph images to appear with links on social media.

November 16th, 20201 minute read • 233 words

Social media optimization is an important component of a content marketing strategy designed to reach your website's target audience.

Here are some tools I like to create images to appear in social media links to your content:

Be confident about ideal image sizes with Sprout Social

Social media platforms change their ideal image sizes for linked posts more often than you'd think.

Sprout Social's Always Up-to-Date Guide to Social Media Image Sizes is a helpful bookmark to make sure that the sizes you're using are the best choice.

Create images from stock photos with Buffer's Pablo

Pablo, a tool by Buffer, creates correctly sized images easily. It remixes stock images (or your own upload) with text and a contrast filter to make text legible. When you have your design, you can resize it for different platforms.

Resize your own images with Landscape by Sprout Social

If you have an image already and don't want or need to overlay text, Sprout Social's Landscape lets you resize images for social media platforms. This offers more sizes than Pablo and can be great if you're resizing for several platforms because it appends a suffix to your file that makes it really easy to find.

Generate images automatically with the Open Graph Images Gatsby Plugin

If you're over the headache of it, the Gatsby plugin Open Graph Images will generate an image directly from your React Components.

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