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Podcast Book Club is a command-line interface that builds an explorable library of book recommendations from Vox's Ezra Klein Show podcast. Read More »
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Card Trick creates clean and simple flashcards, automatically, from Google Docs. Built using Ruby on Rails with help from Google Drive API and Google File Picker API. Read More »
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Github • Demo
A JavaScript build of the classic AppleIIE game, powered by a Ruby on Rails API. Read More »
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November 30th, 20201 minutes to read • 141 words

Map and Set are data structures introduced to JavaScript in ECMAScript 2015. A keyed collection, maps most resemble objects in JavaScript but maintain insertion order similar to an array.

May 30th, 20193 minutes to read • 729 words
As I lean into learning a new skill, I'm re-learning how to be a student.

Ruby on Rails, Sinatra, API Creation


ES6, React, Redux, Gatsby, API use




Tailwind, Bulma, Bootstrap

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